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Mica Band Heater

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A dedicated rust resistant steel sheath is deployed in this Mica Band Heater for making it withstand corrosion. This Mica Band Heater brings a perfect blend of high emissivity, physical strength and thermal conductivity; owing to such a blend this Mica Band Heater is used in heat cylindrical parts. Available in diverse thicknesses and grades, this Mica Band Heater has mica sheets that are used for the insulating windings, which are made of nickel chrome resistance wire; this wire is used for achieving the lowest temperature of the internal element possible, which, in turn, results in long-life of heater. Also, the ribbon wire present in this Mica Band Heater is wound evenly spaced on a dedicated mica strip, helping in even heat distribution and eliminating any hot spotting that results in premature heater failure. This Mica Band Heater has a low thermal expansion alloy sheath that is dedicated for the outer sheath, which covers the width of this Mica Band Heater.

Highlights :
  • High emissivity
  • Excellent thermal Conductivity

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